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Thumb Sucking Effects On Kids Health

Thumb sucking doesn't have much of an adverse effect on children with primary teeth. However, once the permanent teeth are in, thumb suction can cause problems with the alignment of the teeth. So to prevent your kid from this problem you can use Glovey huggy thumb sucking device. You can read Glovey Huggey thumb sucking glove review on the internet.

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In adults, problems with biting and oral health can get worse unless braces are attached or stop the behaviour to correct them. Thumb sucking in adults can cause several other side effects:

Misaligned teeth

Sucking on the thumb can cause problems with the proper alignment of the teeth and lead to conditions like splinters.

The upper and lower teeth can also point outward. This is known as an anterior open bite.

In some cases, the lower incisors can move toward the tongue.

During vigorous sucking of the thumb, the cheek muscles flex. This can change the shape of the jaw and cause crossing, another type of misalignment of the teeth. Changes in the shape of the jaw can also affect facial appearance.

Change of ceiling

Sucking on the thumb can cause the roof of the mouth to recede and become sunken. The roof of the mouth can also become more sensitive to touch and sensation.

Oral cavity infection

Without careful hand washing, thumb sucking can carry dirt and bacteria into your mouth, and possibly lead to tooth or gum infections.

Thumb problem

Strong or prolonged suction of the thumb can change the state of the finger, making it more elongated.

It can also dry out the skin of the thumb and cause cracking, bleeding, or infection.

Long-term thumb suction can also lead to calluses forming on the thumb.

Trouble speaking

Dental problems caused by thumb sucking can lead to language problems such as eavesdropping.

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