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Hi, my name is Carlos and I am a researcher at UC Davis School of Medicine, Sacramento. Learning new stuff and writing about the latest topics is my hobby. I came up with Ecologia Aldia so that knowledge can be shared without any limitations. Stay in touch for more updates.

Ponmudi Eco-tourism | KTDC Golden Peak Hill Resort

Why Is It Worth Spending A Bit More For A Luxury Experience In Santa Clara?

If you are thinking about booking a night or a weekend off in a hotel, think about making your visit into a luxury one. At a luxury hotel, the experience will be totally not the same as that you can experience in an ordinary hotel. 

So in the event that you need to feel truly extraordinary, at that point book  a luxury hotel.You can book luxury hotels in Santa Clara via various online sources.

Luxury Hotels in Santa Clara

There are the various services provided by the luxury hotels are:-

Most ideal Service 

You will have everything taken care of when you stay in a luxury hotel. Everything is done over with the goal that when you will arrive  you won't ever wind up inquiring as to why your room is feeling the missing of a significant feature or why nobody is there to carry your bags up the stairs for you.

In a luxury hotel, the point is consistently to cause you to feel like royalty so you never feel that the service is anything less than great. 

Amazing Down to the Smallest Details 

In a luxury hotel, nonetheless, you will find that even the smallest of details are top class. 

The decoration will all have been picked extraordinarily and a ton of thought will have gone into it. Those small fittings will be extravagance items, and it will all be really focused on perfectly with the goal that you never have cause for complaint.

Advantages Of Booking An Airport Transfer Service

Many times each question pops into your brain, what will be the benefits of booking an airport transport support. The solution is based on advantage, higher efficacy, and faster traveling. The airports, generally in the majority of cases are far from the city. There are several benefits of booking a premium transfer service.

book airport transfer

Most of us understand that the bags systems in airports have become biased. Nobody can state with certainty about the period when their bags will soon arrive. Moreover, as the flights follow the initial come first function theory, the passenger becoming the bags early will participate in the cab and leave, while leaving the others with one cab not to struggle ! 

One of the benefits of booking an airport transport agency, the largest is its own reach. The dedicated airport transfer service may drop its passenger into the nearest possible site. But for those individuals using the overall cab service, mightn't be lucky! Solutions once the destination are well away from the primary roads.  

In these scenarios, it gets rather tricky to accomplish the place using plenty of bags. So, what may be the harm in having the ability to reach the doorstep? One other excellent benefit of booking the airport transfer service will be flexibility. In this circumstance, the passenger could anticipate the transport assistance and leave the bag at the intermediate stop, that will be near hopeless with flights that are general.

Places you would love to visit in Lombok


Lombok is an island located in east Bali, Indonesia. The place is much more than just a surfer’s paradise as one can trek down the magnificent Rinjanihills, enjoy the blissful parties at the beach and explore fishing on the coast. The beach blessed location provides an enjoyable experience to the tourists.

Must visit places to visit in Lombok

  • Gili Islands- The Gili islands are a plethora of three paradise islands that are Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. Apart from scuba diving and snorkeling the beach also promises a relaxing aura to travelers. Hostel in Lombok should be booked near the island to be rejuvenated during your stay in Lombok.
  • Mount Rinjani – Mount Rinjani is the second-highest volcano of Indonesia. One can trek the mountain and enjoy the view of Crater lake Segara Anak from the top.
  • Pusuk Monkey forest- The visit to the monkey forest can be fun for animal lover travelers as one can enjoy feeding the hungry little creatures and view the summit through the breath-taking mountain landscape.
  • Selong Belank and viewpoint- One can perfectly swim and surf on the Selong Belank. The view point is located at the north of the beach.
  • Waterfalls – there are many waterfalls surrounded by Lombok and they are mostly located in the northern part. The waterfalls are namely Tiu Teja or Tiu Kelep. The waterfalls offer freshwater that one can use to drink and even swim.

Enjoy the beautiful beaches and nature in Lombok. If you visit once, you want to come back again.

How do I Host a Wine Tasting Party?


Hosting a wine tasting party is all about having a great time with your loved ones. Not only does this game allow you to guess the correct wine, but it also a great way to enjoy some of the best wines possible. If you wish to hold a wine tasting party, it isn’t too difficult. Consider following these tips when it comes to hosting the best wine tasting party.

  1. Choose a Theme First – Before you start inviting your friends or family members, the first thing you need to do for a wine tasting party is to choose a theme. You can start off by choosing 2 bottles of the same wine made in different countries. For instance; try getting a bottle of Pinot Noir from 2 different countries to make it more interesting. Next would be to offer a reward for those who can guess the correct wine. And lastly; think about asking your guests to bring their own bottles that will make the party challenging.
  2. Never Ignore your Budget and Limitations –There’s no harm in getting cheap wines if money is a problem. Moreover, there’s no shame in inviting a limited number of people. So, consider this factor.
  3. Keep it Stocked – water bottles, small glasses (for pouring the wine), spit buckets (in case the guest doesn’t like the taste of the wine), pen and paper (to write down information about the wine) are some of the items you need to keep stocked.

Ensure you follow these tips in order to host for the best wine hosting party. You can learn more on such type of topics by heading over to swan valley wine tours.

What You Must Know about Scuba Diving to Stay Safe in the Ocean

One may feel that a hobby such as deep-sea diving is possibly deadly. The reality is that snorkeling has safety hazards that amateurs ought to comprehend. Then again, any sort of physical activity may lead to injury if you are not experienced. There are many trained scuba divers who had been diving for decades and they've never experienced a perilous situation. So long as you know what safety procedures to perform, the chances of you suffering an issue are drastically minimized. In this article, we will take a look at the safety procedures you should know so that you can be as safe as you can while underwater diving.

Those that don't have any experience with deep-sea diving, then you will need to take lessons from an approved snorkeling teacher. It is crucial that you get instructed on the correct info because it's hard to forget bad habits if you were trained the wrong things the first time. Your diving trainer will take care of the basic principles including safety tips along with how to use the tools. You will also learn the best way to deal with deep-sea diving equipment so they are not going to break on you while you are scuba diving.

When you are taking deep-sea diving courses, you could possibly acquaint yourself with other folks that happen to be excited about this hobby. You wouldn't presume this is essential, but diving alone is in fact pretty hazardous. Who knows when an equipment malfunction will take place, and having a partner by your side can save you. The number one guideline when diving, even when you are an expert, is never to scuba dive by yourself.

Some of you are worried about dealing with wildlife while scuba diving, though few issues come about from meetings with wildlife. The most frequent reasons for problems are often gear failures or not complying to appropriate safety practices. Remember, that's the reason why scuba diving with a buddy is vital since they can take care of you in the event that anything unexpected happens. It can be difficult to know what scuba diving gear you need, so read the guides on to learn more.

How Travel Guides Are Useful For Your New Foreign Travel

When you mention the travel guide "the words to someone, they can be interpreted in 2 ways: a person who will guide you to various destinations and a type of catalog that can help you find your way when you travel and explore a new place. In this article, you will find more information how each option can be useful for people who travel.

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The person who is known as a travel guide is supposed to know all the destinations of a good place. The guide must know where the interesting places can be found so that tourists can be taken to enjoy their stay in the new country.

If the guide should take tourists for game parks and game reserves, he must know the times when animals can be seen or if there are exciting activities.

The guide is meant to ensure that its visitors have the ultimate experience of being in a new place so they can return home with good memories.

The guide should also know all the places where people can relax and have a meal. He should be able to treat them to some of the local specialties of this country. It should also take the turn to some of the pre-historic sites that are famous.

On the other hand, the travel guide can be documented in the form of a book, pamphlet or brochure. There are some companies that offer these guide books free. There are also some local hotels that will give tourists travel guides to find their way around town or city.