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How Floor Framing and Floor Structure Work

Some floors are constructed on concrete slabs that are flat on the ground. However, most floors are elevated above the ground. Pre engineered floor framing system is more durable underfoot and allows for access to heating equipment, insulation, wiring, and other machinery.

Floor joists span the spaces between supports like walls, foundations, and beams. They are spaced at regular intervals. The normal spacing between floors is 16 inches, but some floors may have joists that are 12-inch or 24-inch in diameter. Building codes are used to determine the spacing and size of joists. These codes are based upon engineering requirements. Joist headers are perpendicular and cap their ends at the joists.

Subflooring provides a base for finish flooring and also serves as a platform during construction. It may be made of boards laid either at right angles or diagonally across joists. Or the subfloor may be made of plywood or other panel products that are laid perpendicular to the joists.

The thickness and stiffness of the subfloor determine the types of finish materials that can be laid on top of it.  Floor joists are placed directly on sills at the foundation. This prevents termites and rots from coming in contact with the foundation. The method of framing used will determine how the floor joists are connected to the wall studs.

Gold Nuggets One-of-a-Kind Jewelry

It is worth looking at gold nugget jewelry. It is a unique piece that can quickly become the most sought-after and worn piece in a personal jewelry collection. Jewelry that highlights the natural beauty of nuggets is often a standout because they are often melted down and refashioned into other styles. These unique pieces are a show-stopper and attract admiration from jewelry enthusiasts around the world. For more information on gold, nuggets visit

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Nuggets are small pieces of gold that have been found in nature. They are often rugged and rough with many asymmetrical folds, bends, divots, and markings. These marks are due to the natural weathering of gold. This is often caused by the piece being tumbled with water and rocks over thousands of years that abrasively sand its surface.

The natural beauty of gold nugget jewelry makes it unique. It does not melt the metal down to make a perfect piece of jewelry. Each piece of gold nugget jewelry has its unique look, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

The nugget color can determine the purity of gold nugget jewelry. High-gold-content pieces will have deeper orange-yellow colors, while lower-quality pieces may look grayish or greenish if they contain impurities such as silver and copper.

The nugget jewelry made with genuine gold nuggets is very unique. It is often more vivid than other pieces of jewelry made from gold nuggets and stands out when worn as either a ring, bracelet, or watch. It is reminiscent of the type of jewelry that Egyptian royalty might have worn. This jewelry is rich in color and has beautiful natural characteristics that will draw attention to it for many years.

Some Popular Chandelier Lighting Styles For Your Home

Chandelier lighting is a great choice if you want a more elegant or sophisticated look for your home. Chandelier lighting is also very effective at providing your home with a high level of light. This will ensure that you are able to perform all tasks. There are many options available for chandeliers, so you can make the right choice. 

Crystal chandeliers are a popular choice as they add an extra dimension to your home and provide a sense of grandeur. These chandeliers are available in two- or three-tiered designs. The glass used in their construction will create a jingling effect, similar to a wind chime. You can buy beautiful chandeliers via

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These chandeliers can be hung informal living spaces and entryways, where guests can appreciate the beauty of the crystal. Another popular option is the wrought iron chandelier. It is as stunning as its crystal counterpart. However, the metal is heavy so make sure your ceiling can withstand it. These chandeliers are very easy to maintain and care for. 

These lights can be hung in rooms with a timber-based decor. Contemporary chandeliers are quite unusual as they avoid the traditional materials that were used in the other styles. This type of chandelier lighting has one main characteristic; style is more important than practicality. Chrome, frosted and brushed metal are some of the most popular options.

They are meant to stand out and not blend in with the background. They are therefore often hung in high-attention areas. Rustic chandeliers are often regarded as being on the opposite end of contemporary fixtures. These fixtures are more grounded in nature because they are made of metal, timber, and even animal horns, or antlers.


New Build Homes and Home Inspections

Representation is very important for all parties in any real estate transaction. Who represents who questions must be asked for each home buyer before making a commitment or signing a document. In the case of a newly built home buyer it should be realized that a useful sales represents the interests of the builder. You can consider the top new builds houses if you want to buy a new home for your family.

The number one reason most buyers don't seek representation is that buyers are led to believe that they will get a better price in a newly built house if the brokers are not involved. The fact is that the builder relies on realtors to supply buyers consistently and they have learned that they cannot produce the traffic needed to build the number of houses they want without a brokerage relationship. 

The reason you have to recruit broker services when pursuing a newly built house purchase is to give yourself a representation that will add value to you, with a transaction. When I represent a new home-made buyer, I provide a three-phase home inspection. Inspection values such as useful buyers and builders.

For buyers, you will convince your home checked on three critical phases of the development process. Builders try hard, mostly, to build a free-quality house from defects. But the survivors of the economy today usually build several houses at the same time, plus in taking new clients, so that defects can slip through cracks. The home inspector will be your representative concerned about your home and home.

Builders also benefit by having defects showing at a strategic stage that allows easy economic improvement. Found in the next stage in the development process, defective drugs can be very expensive. Builder will also deal with clients who have a higher level of comfort and trust, which make clients happier.

Outdoor Water Fountain Can Bring One Several Benefits

There's nothing more relaxing than an open-air fountain where you can go home and relax with a cold beer or sit next to it and read a book while the kids play with it. It can also be a great source of hydration for your pet, cooling the environment and relieving the stress of the day while listening to the soothing sound of garden water as a lullaby.

The best thing about a miniature open-air water feature is that you can get them in a variety of styles and sizes, and they are definitely perfect for any garden. They have become so popular over time that more and more people are choosing to have an outdoor fountain in their yard.

How to Make a Garden Fountain Out Of, Well, Anything You Want : 11 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

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You can definitely highlight a regular garden and the best part is that it is very affordable. This is one of the reasons why there are so many places online that fountain lovers can move on to find the perfect place for them. There are tips and strategies out there to help you narrow down the right choice, whether it be in the form of garden sculptures or the most modern and eco-friendly solar fountains.

If you want to be more innovative you can have a table fountain or another unique option is a water level fountain. All of these options are under one roof so you don't have to go around gathering information about the different types of outdoor fountains.

Whichever type of outdoor fountain you choose, it is sure to bring you hours of fun and excitement. This great and affordable addition to your garden fits all budgets and once you have it, no additional maintenance or assistance is required.

Where To Buy Silver Bullion – The Smart Way

Besides gold, investing in silver bullion is also a great way to invest in the future. Knowing where to buy silver bullion is essential because not all dealers give guarantees to buyers. You must gather all the necessary information before exploring where to buy silver bullion. Among other things, the weight and purity of silver bullion should be at the top of the list.

Guaranteed ways to fight inflation

Investing in gold and silver bullion is an excellent source of profit, especially in times of crisis. Silver is a precious metal like gold, it is not easily damaged and is not affected by deflation as much as by the inflation of the value of money. The price of silver bullion is based on its weight in ounces and is fixed in the gold/silver ratios. Although silver is much cheaper than gold, some items, such as collectible coins, cost much more than gold, depending on the manufacturer, year, and condition of the item. You can buy silver bullion via browsing the web.

The best place to buy silver bullion is at commercial or retail establishments that offer warranties to ensure its reliability and reliability. When shopping online, there is always the risk of not getting your money back, as well as fraud and identity fraud. The dealer guarantee is the best part of the buying process because you guarantee the authenticity of the item as well as the credibility of the dealer. It is better to buy silver bullion in bulk because it is cheaper than buying piece by piece. In time, you will notice your profit, which is why you invested in silver bullion in the first place.


Enjoy Your Luxurious Vacation at Hotels in Santa Monica Near Beach

Santa Monica is located in the California region of southwest United States. Santa Monica is known for its beautiful beaches and of course the favorable climatic conditions.

The hospitality and warmth that hotels in Santa Monica offer to their guests results in a staff of more than 2 million tourists who visit the place every year and makes its rich heritage and cultural value treasured for life in the form of souvenirs.

Hotels in Santa Monica near the beach can make your stay adventurous, exciting and enjoyable.

Santa Monica is rich in cultural heritage and ancient architecture. It is even home to a number of interesting churches and great temples worth visiting.

In addition to its heritage, Santa Monica is also known for its wide coastline with exotic beaches and sensual silver sands. The most famous of them all is Santa Monica Beach.

All of these palm-fringed beaches provide the perfect place to sunbathe and relax amidst the beauty and serene hands of nature.

Santa Monica Beach is renowned for hosting special flea markets on different days of the week that showcase and every element of excellence, reflecting the richness and uniqueness of native culture and heritage.

Hotels in Santa Monica near the beach allow travelers to enjoy every part of its cultural and modern lifestyle, along with great views of its scenic acclaim right from the edge of their comfortable rooms, with easy beach access according to individual preferences. 

Invest In Port Orange Homes For Sale

You need to find a qualified real estate agent if you are looking for a Port Orange property. Your Realtor could be the one you spend most of your time with, so make sure to choose wisely. First, do not be afraid to ask questions about the Port Orange real estate agents. 

Do not be afraid to offend anyone. This isn't something new for the agent. It is important to find a realtor who not only understands your home and wants to help you but also has a personality that matches yours. You can invest in Port Orange property in an easy way.  


Consider yourself a fact-finding mission when interviewing agents. It is important to ensure that the potential Port Orange Realtor you are interviewing has a valid license. You also want to make sure your agent works for you, not the seller if you're buying a Florida property.

If you're selling your house, make sure to get all details in writing with your Port Orange realty agent. It is important to understand how your house will be advertised.

If you wish to market it aggressively (which most sellers do), it is useful to have a written game plan so that you have a bargaining chip in case the Realtor does not work as you agreed.

Don't be afraid to go through this process. It can be stressful to buy or sell a house. If you put in the effort to find the right agent for you, who will work for your best interests and have your best interest at heart, it can be a relatively painless experience when you are house hunting or selling.

Everything You Need To Know About Thai Food In Spokane

The food which is served in Spokane is totally different from the food which is served in the restaurants in the world. We have to say that the thai recipes in Spokane are not only delicious but they are spicy and yummy too. 

For that reason,Thai food attracts us more than to visit other places. Food has always been the weakest point of every person who loves eating and when it comes to Thai food Spokane, it even becomes more complicated for them what to choose and what to leave because it has a lot of delicious dishes. 

Thai food is known for its balance of the four fundamental taste senses in each dish or the overall meal: sour, sweet, salty, and (optional) bitter and it also can be quite hot (spicy). In Spokane, food forms a central part of any social occasion.

The secret behind the successful Thai cooking lies in the preparation of the ingredients as the actual cooking is done very fast and furious. Most Thai stir-fries including noodle dishes are cooked at high heats and for only a few minutes, which is what makes them particularly fresh and delicious. Thai food tastes at different places differ from that of Spokane because of unavailability of ingredients.

Things You Need to Know About Basic First Aid Training

We all want to live in a safe world, away from bad news and victims. Many people today undergo basic first aid courses. Many institutions offer short courses that will certify you as of first aid.

First Aid

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• You will be trained to face human life – Those trained in first aid will tell you what it's like to be a victim and assume the role of a doctor until professional help arrives. 

• You are trained to be careful and sensitive – If someone is in pain, you should not create additional trouble for them. You need to make the right call and address the victim's condition. Talk to the victim and pay attention to his condition.

• They will teach you skills to use at the right time – Use the right type of treatment and don't make the mistake of judging the situation. Make the right calls. As a first aid provider, you have certain skills that come in handy in an emergency. Be prepared to serve at the right time without hesitation. Keep your first aid kit in stock and ready. 

• They are trained to help, not play doctor – Always remember that first assistant doesn't mean you have to play god. In an emergency, assess the situation, make good judgments, provide first aid and seek professional help immediately. You can even search online for more information about basic first aid training.