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New Build Homes and Home Inspections

Representation is very important for all parties in any real estate transaction. Who represents who questions must be asked for each home buyer before making a commitment or signing a document. In the case of a newly built home buyer it should be realized that a useful sales represents the interests of the builder. You can consider the top new builds houses if you want to buy a new home for your family.

The number one reason most buyers don't seek representation is that buyers are led to believe that they will get a better price in a newly built house if the brokers are not involved. The fact is that the builder relies on realtors to supply buyers consistently and they have learned that they cannot produce the traffic needed to build the number of houses they want without a brokerage relationship. 

The reason you have to recruit broker services when pursuing a newly built house purchase is to give yourself a representation that will add value to you, with a transaction. When I represent a new home-made buyer, I provide a three-phase home inspection. Inspection values such as useful buyers and builders.

For buyers, you will convince your home checked on three critical phases of the development process. Builders try hard, mostly, to build a free-quality house from defects. But the survivors of the economy today usually build several houses at the same time, plus in taking new clients, so that defects can slip through cracks. The home inspector will be your representative concerned about your home and home.

Builders also benefit by having defects showing at a strategic stage that allows easy economic improvement. Found in the next stage in the development process, defective drugs can be very expensive. Builder will also deal with clients who have a higher level of comfort and trust, which make clients happier.

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