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What is a Wardrobe Consultant?

Wardrobe consultants are style professionals who provide assistance on the most suitable colors, designs, patterns, and styles of clothing for clients.

Consultants often work with clients or offer services for ongoing projects, e.g. fashion for theater productions or electronic media, as well as general advice for larger groups who want to learn the basics of choosing clothes and accessories.

Wardrobe advisors typically specialize in a limited area of expertise based on gender, age, or other customer-related circumstances. You may find top 150 wardrobe consultant in New York NY at

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Professionals who work as Wardrobe consultants are given different names. Often times, this title reflects some range of services offered. For example, image consultants who specialize in working with business people often deal with not only clothing choices, but also general clothing, accessory selection, and perhaps even clients on business decorating matters.

Another form of Wardrobe advisor is known as corporate image consultancy. This type of fashion consultant can often help companies develop appropriate dress codes for the workplace and help employees make the right office clothing choices. Consultants can work with managers, sales staff, or anyone in a company dealing with the public.

A personal image adviser is another common example of a cloakroom advisor. In this role, the counselor works with a person to make changes to clothing styles, haircuts, and overall physical appearance.

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