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Important to Maintain your Rain Trough

Trough is a narrow channel that runs around the edge of your roof, collects rainwater and provides direction into a  water tank. In this way, your roof trough is an important component to protect your roof and foundation from water damage and effects. 

Bprungruang is the leading company which provides trough installation services (Also Known as “  บริการติดตั้งรางน้ำ “ in the Thai Language) in Thailand. Professional employees of Bprungruang help you to choose the best trough for your home. 

There are a number of important reasons to keep your rain trough clean. Rain trough collects water and prevents it from running down the wall and damaging your home base. 

Another potential problem that can arise is that if the foundation of your house is too wet due to excess rainfall that will cause mold and mildew growth, and, if not treated can lead to cracks in the walls and structural damage potential next to your house to causing a lot of money to fix this problem.

If the trough is not cleaned, it can prevent water from flowing away from home, when this happens the water will begin to overflow and run to the side of your house. 

If this continues, water weight will cause the gutter to pull apart, which means that your home will have no protection from the rain.Therefore keeping your trough maintained is very important to protect your home.