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Emerald Green Crystal Gemstones For You

Emerald is a stone with a clear conscience. Emeralds are most closely related and resonate with the deep center of the heart, which in essence affects emotional healing. The ancient Egyptians believed that being carried in the left hand protects the passenger; stands for unconditional love, friendship, partnership, feeling of unity. You can look for the best green gemstones at for emotional healings. 

The color varies from dark grass green to light green, almost yellow-green. The energy signature, the vibration frequency, has the ability to be gentle, healing, loving, giving, strong, smooth, and free-flowing.

• The Kingdom of Angels Association: The Angel Jophiel, whose name means "Beauty of God", will help you see through the eyes of love. The past superficial manifestations, the past of what is felt.

• Healing properties: compassion, love, physical strength, able to relieve back pain.

• Vibration frequency: sensitive, strong, smooth, free-flowing.

• Spiritual qualities: the ability to strengthen the wisdom of the mental plane; extends the give and take in your heart and mind.

It is best not to wear the emerald all the time, as it can exaggerate mental activity, possibly leading to sleep loss and unnecessary chattering on the mind. However, with deliberate intent, it assists the user, receiver, and healer with deeper vibrational energy to aid healing.

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