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What Are The Side-Effects Of Thumb Sucking?

The effects of thumb sucking do not directly harm or damage the teeth but can cause problems with a child's mouth, tooth alignment, and even facial and appearance development.

When thumb sucking consequences are seen on your kid's baby teeth alignment, stopping the habit helps improve the teeth arrangement when the permanent teeth erupt. You can also know more about how to quit thumb sucking in children through various websites.

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For all those of you concerned about thumb sucking consequences on your child’s teeth, here’s a list of what you require to prevent!

Open bite – Among the effects of thumb sucking on tooth alignment, this is the most common side effect. An open bite is a condition in which the upper front teeth do not overlap with the lower front teeth.

Oftentimes, the teeth will stick out and your child's mouth won't close completely. This leads to other problems such as redness of the gums, poor esthetics, improper jaw growth, and improper function of the front teeth.

Skin Problems – If you thought thumb sucking was limited to your child's teeth and appearance, you are wrong. Prolonged thumb sucking can also cause skin problems on your child's thumb.

Children who suck their thumb for a long time are more likely to develop skin problems on their favorite thumb. Because the thumb is always moist, it is more susceptible to injury, tears, bleeding, and secondary infection.