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About Moonman Fountain Pen

The first thing to think about is what kind of pen you want. There are three main types of pen – Moonman fountain pen, Rollerball pen, and Ballpoint pen. Which one you choose depends on the writing style and the environment used, which will be used fundamentally.

Moonman fountain pens have a continuous ink flow, therefore, they are suited to those who have a flowing handwriting design that uses little effort. Moonman nib pen can also be used either inside or outside the office area.

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Ballpoint pens are ideal for those who are constantly on the move and simply need to use the pen and then securely put it in a shirt or jacket pocket. 

A ballpoint is also suited to people with good handwriting, is available in different nib sizes. It is also good for those who use pressure when writing and is less likely to leak.

Rollerball pens are a mixture consisting of fountains and ballpoint pens. It is possible to use the pen as a ballpoint, the ink leaking like a fountain pen. This pen is great for anyone who wants the presence of a luxury fountain pen but wants the ability to carry it outdoors as well as side by side.

Moonman fountain pen provides these three styles in the majority of their collections using the fountain pen generally being the most expensive of these choices.

For instance, a fountain pen made from a precious metal such as gold, silver, and platinum will be more expensive.