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A Stick Shift Transmission Is The Simplest Way To Make Driving Fun

A manual transmission is the simplest way to take a boring car and turn it into an enjoyable recreational vehicle. The truth is you don't need 1000 horsepower to have fun in a car, it is all about creating an engaging driving experience. Ask any automotive enthusiast if it's more fun to drive a brand new GTR with 700 hp, or a 1975 Porsche and almost 100% of the time the latter will be the number one choice. New cars are create for creating a cushy comfortable driving experience that removes all of the discomforts from driving, but these are the precise things that makes driving fun. Automatic transmissions are the clear winner when it comes to ease and comfort, but a stick shift removes all that boredom and turns it into fun.

The problem most people have when it comes to driving a manual is learning how to drive a stick shift in the first place. Thanks to YouTube there are hundreds of videos explaining how to drive a stick shift, each offering it's own unique perspective. There really is no best tutorial for driving a stick shift, it really come down to your own learning style and which resonates with you. Check out some videos on YouTube to learn how to drive a stick shift and turn your boring everyday drive into something much more exciting!