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All You Need To Know About Ghrelin And Leptin

The human body is a very wonderful and complex mechanism, where every part has a function and hormones play an important role in it.

There are hormones for every function and feeling. Let it be adrenal rush or diabetes, everything is connected to some or the other hormones. The same applies to hunger as well. For more information about human leptin ELISA kit read this article.

There are two hormones are named as ghrelin and leptin. The first one initiates a hunger sensation while the other one initiates the feeling of fluffiness.

Both these hormones secrete in a synchronous way to keep the process balance. However, it is needless to say that a disrupted synchronization causes obesity which further needs a bariatric surgery in India to correct it. Let's understand how these two hormones work.

The stomach wall has a lining that produces both these hormones. When the stomach is almost empty, the body starts to secrete the ghrelin hormone. It sends the hunger signals to the brain and it makes the individual want to consume food. The more ghrelin an individual produces, the more they are likely to end up being overweight and obese.

Once the individual is in the consumption process, the stomach keeps filling up gradually. As the stomach gets filled up to an adequate point, the body then releases the leptin hormone.

 It sends the brain a signal that the body had enough food and it is time to stop eating. In order to let these hormones keep performing their functions, eating slowly and chewing thoroughly is very important.