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Electric Service for Perfect Modeling of Your Building Structure

In the automobile and aerospace industries, drawing paper has been virtually eliminated. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the construction, the figures tend to our future anticipated. BIM software technology currently provides interoperability between paper drawings and BIM models.

While other packages may provide support for some elements of the electrical design, CAD Electrical provides the broadest set of functions available in today's market for BIM services.

Electric Service for Perfect Modeling of Your Building Structure

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 If the design is changed in the 3-D model, the image is automatically updated. If the design is changed in the 2-D images, 3-D models are automatically updated. This saves time, reduces errors, and can provide benefits to the designers.

It provides all the information about the distribution of power and containment, lighting, fire, security alarm, data and telecommunications, EIB bus-speaker audio system and visual system.

This means that the electrical installation throughout the building can be designed and fully documented from one source to increase your productivity.

Building information modeling (BIM) technology is used for the entire building life cycle, including the operation and maintenance of facilities. The elements of the project that were made for BIM models can be used by the constructor to explore, design, and optimize the construction sequence.

By comparing the sequences of different constructions and methodology, the contractor may have a clearer understanding of the time required and the associated risks before deciding the total price of the construction. Only the contractor can determine in advance what effect these changes will have on the results of the entire sequence.