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Allworx Phone Systems For Your Small Business

VoIP phone systems offer what small businesses need to differentiate themselves today. Apart from the obvious improvement in call quality or call connection, one of the most important benefits of diverting is the reduction in the cost of the VoIP phone system by offering affordable long-distance calls and no additional calling costs across the web.

Apart from these inherent advantages, what does the Allworx VoIP Phone System offer that keeps it ahead of the competition? If you are looking for an allworx phone system then check firefoldtech.

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Allworx offers the possibility:

1. Make or receive calls as if you were in the office using your phone or tablet

2. Access to parking calls, call history and calls in an ongoing conference call

3. Update your presence and status

4. See who is available / search your company directory


Receptionists at the front desk, call center agents, sales professionals; Many professions use desktop options that allow you to:

1. Simple and elegant customization

2. Easy call management with the click of a mouse

3. Access to system users and contacts

4. Call recording options and the ability to integrate with third-party applications

The Allworx VoIP phone system offers several additional features to meet the needs of your business, large or small. Allworx agents pride themselves on their problem-solving efforts, adaptability, and flexibility in trying to maintain their virgin reputation for customer satisfaction.