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Who Wants to Slide On The Floor? Definitely No one!

One of the notable achievements in soil science is the addition of non-slip tiles to the tile portfolio. Having different tile surfaces for different rooms in the house is also a trend that is fast catching up. 

Now, tile manufacturers maintain proper tile roughness to ensure that the feet have a sufficiently worn and torn surface to prevent slipping. You can get the best anti skid coating via

Do-It-Yourself Paint-On Abrasive Anti-Slip Floor Coatings

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If we just look at the bathroom, for example, there might be water, soap bubbles and so on. Anyone walking on the floor could easily slip. God forbid, if this person was a child, the dangers could be fatal, and while old people can heal with minor bruises, why not avoid it if we can? Anti-slip tiles are the perfect answer to this potentially huge problem.

Imagine! In your nursery, your children run with a helper while they play in their world. You definitely can't see them or slow down. But isn't it quite possible that they will simply slip into their busy life? Anti-slip tiles can only save you in this case. These tiles provide the much needed "support" for delicate bare feet.

In addition, even though the surface is not flat, it is easy to clean like any ordinary tile. This is because the coating is uniform across the surface, which drastically reduces the chance of dust sticking or hiding behind uneven surfaces.

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