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What Is A Water-Based Penetrating Concrete Sealer?

If you plan to apply some finishing to your basement or garage floor, see to it that you get some water-based penetrating concrete sealer. Adding a penetrating coating will ensure that its surface stays protected and free from stains.

The concrete sealer will also make it sturdier and more durable. However, you should keep in mind that coatings are not to be applied until after the concrete has been cured completely. This should last about thirty days after the concrete has been poured. You can also consider buying penetrating sealer online via

Then again, what exactly is a water-based penetrating concrete sealer? Why is it different from the other kinds of surface protection? Well, a water-based penetrating concrete sealer can bond really well with a concrete surface or substrate. It can actually penetrate deeper as well as guarantee stronger sealing. In addition, it can be very useful whenever you need to use solvents such as urethane when sealing.

As you know, urethane sealers may only be applied on a concrete surface once they have been sealed with a penetrating sealer. As for the sealers that do not have any problem bonding with concrete, water or non-solvent-based sealers may only be applied as final coatings to enhance their aesthetic appeal and increase their protection. Also, these water-based sealers are very economical.

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