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What Effects Does Delta 8 Have On Your Body

Delta 8 and delta 9, when it comes to the body, create very different sensations. Delta 9 is the most well-known form of THC and the active ingredient in cannabis. Delta 9 has stronger psychoactive effects than delta 8 THC, but delta 9 as a compound is far more effective in affecting the body than delta 8.

Why is this? Why? Because delta 9 only binds to a specific set of receptors called the CB1 receptors. These receptors provide a completely different experience.

Full Body Sensations

It is actually another set, the CB2 receptors that more directly influence the body. These receptors are found in deep muscle tissue and organs, making them particularly effective in generating relief-driven sensations for larger areas of the body.

CBD is another popular cannabinoid. It binds only with these CB2 receptors. CBD is used by many people to provide relaxation and pain relief. The bonds it creates helps reduce inflammation and soothe the muscles.

Why CBD? Because delta 8 forms bonds with CB2 receptors. This is the only known THC version that does so. It also targets the CB1 receptors like delta 9.

Delta 9's effects are concentrated in the brain, but delta 8 has effects that affect all areas of the body. This results in a unique set of cannabinoid effects. Delta 8 is said to have powerful effects on the body and can be used in conjunction with CBD to relieve pain and relax.

The difference is evident immediately after you use delta 8. Delta 8 users often feel a greater variety of sensations. This results in a more balanced experience.

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