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What Does Senior High School Refer To?

"Senior high school" is a term that in the United States refers to a level of education after middle school and before college. This article breaks down how "senior high school" was defined and what the different stages of schooling look like in different countries around the world.


The  senior high school refers to the final two years of high school, typically attended by students who have completed their secondary education. Senior high schools are often considered to be the 'last chance for students to succeed in college and find a career. 

In addition to preparing students for college and careers, senior high schools often offer accelerated courses that lead to a diploma or a certificate. These programs may be designed to give seniors more opportunities for college and career preparation, or they may be designed to improve employability skills. 

Whatever the specific aims of a senior high school program, the overall goal is to provide a rigorous and challenging educational experience that will help students reach their full potential.

Definition of Senior High School

Senior high school is the last year of high school. It is a time when students are finishing up their education and preparing to enter college or the workforce. They are also learning more about themselves, their maturity level, and the world around them.

Definition of Junior High School. Junior high schools are the middle years of elementary school when students are transitioning from elementary to middle school and begin learning about grades 6 – 8. They also learn about themselves as students, classmates, and people being introduced to an entirely new concept in life – success!

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