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What Are Automatic Transmissions?

Automatic transmissions are a type of gearbox that allow a vehicle to move forward or reverse by itself. They are controlled by a computer and use gears to change the rpm. Automatic transmissions were first invented in the 1930s and were used in buses and trucks at first. 

Over time, they have become more common in cars. The most common automatic transmissions in the U.S. are the 4- and 5-speed manual transmission, which is what you see most people driving today. To find more about the komatsu transmission parts then visit

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Many vehicles have a 6-speeder or 7-speeder transmission as well, but these are usually only found in luxury models because they cost more to make. Automatic transmissions come in two main types: electronically controlled transmission and manual transmissions. 

The first type uses electric motors to control differentials and change gears via a computer system. It was invented by Harry Ferguson in 1938 and used on buses and trucks from 1939 to 1968 when it would become regulated by federal law for passenger cars (was adopted in 1975). 

Today, it's still used on vans and commercial trucks. This type of transmission is the most expensive to make but has many advantages like increased fuel efficiency and more control over engine characteristics.

This type of transmission costs less, and they're usually used on cheaper cars because they only cost as much as an electronic transmission. Manual transmissions have been around for thousands of years, and they are still found in use on newer cars today.

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