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Ways To Remove Blue And Brown Wallpaper From Your Home

Wallpaper stripping has one of the most laborious, tedious, and time-consuming tasks. However, with the correct methods and equipment, this task can be least be more tolerable so, if you have decided that a new look is required in your home and there is old Blue And Brown wallpaper that needs stripping. For this, the first thing that you have determined is which type of wallpaper is actually hanging on the wall. There are basically two types of wallpaper: strippable wallpaper and non-strippable wallpaper.

About Strippable Wallpaper:

If you find that there is strippable wallpaper, you should start in the corner of the room and try to peel the wallpaper back. If the wallpaper easily strips from the wall, then it makes your task easier and is considered as the less time-consuming job in front of you.

How To Remove Strippable Wallpaper:

To remove the strippable wallpaper, you will need hot water with a detergent mixed in, a painter’s spatula, rubber gloves, and a sponge. These types of wallpapers will take some time and need elbow grease. If you are done it correctly, your walls will be left completely stripped of any wallpaper and old glue residue. So, to remove the strippable wallpaper, start it by peeling the back of the paper with your fingers. If you will not be able to peel it off easily and encounter stubborn areas that refuse to be stripped. With these types of stubborn areas, use a sponge to apply water with a detergent solution that will soak into the paper and help to soften the glue behind it. Once the wallpaper is peeled off from the wall, remove the excess glue that is hanging around. For this, you can use household substances like fabric conditioners and water solutions.

How To Remove The Non-Strippable Wallpaper:

Another type of wallpaper you face is non-strippable type wallpaper. These types of wallpaper are hard to remove from the wall. The tools required for this job are chemical wallpaper remover, hot water, paint roller, perforating knife, painter’s spatula, and broad knife. Before starting, it is great to empty the room of any furniture and items as the task will be very messy. On the flip side, if you can’t remove everything from the room, then cover it properly to protect them. Most wallpaper has a water-resistant layer on top of them, and you need to break this layer with the perforating knife. After that, score the paper; mix up your chemical wallpaper stripper according to instructions once you have done this. Apply the chemical mixture on the wall with the help of a paint roller and leave it for 15 minutes. When the chemical mixture has fully penetrated your wallpaper and softened the glue behind it, then you can remove anything from the wall surface with a spatula. It is advised that always soak from the floor to ceiling. Once the previous wallpaper has been removed from the wall, you should have to treat it with a heavy mixture of water to remove the stubborn parts.

Final Thoughts:

As you know, there are various types of Blue And Brown wallpaper in the market, so the removal techniques of it are also different that are given in this article.