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Treat Renal Failure Without Dialysis In San Antonio TX

Kidney failure is a condition in which your kidneys don't work properly. Healthy kidneys can remove waste materials and fluids from the blood. But if your kidney is damaged, it will not function properly. Dialysis is required to keep the patient alive.

However, dialysis is not a drug that can only temporarily remove waste and fluids from the body. During dialysis, your kidney function will continue to decline until you completely give up. You can browse to get chronic renal failure treatment.

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Dialysis cannot cure kidney failure 

Due to kidney damage, patients must undergo dialysis, which can help remove waste and toxins from their blood. It is true that dialysis can also help patients with kidney failure regulate electrolyte levels by removing excess minerals. In this way, they can maintain the normal dynamic balance of the body.

However, dialysis cannot help patients release EPO to produce red blood cells. In addition, dialysis cannot help the patient to release special substances used to maintain blood pressure balance and absorb beneficial substances from the renal tubules, etc. In short, dialysis can only partially perform kidney function and does not affect kidney function so that kidney failure cannot be cured.

To treat kidney failure, we need to preserve the remaining nephrons, restore kidney function, and regulate the immune system. Immunotherapy is one such type of treatment.

Based on the healing effect of osmotherapy with micro medicine, modern stem cell transplantation can restore kidney structure. Stem cells have the ability to self-renew and replicate several times, which can differentiate into desired kidney cells to replace necrotic cells.

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