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Tips For Cost Effective Bathroom Makeover In Perth

Do not fret if your bathroom needs a renovation and your purse cannot afford to make it. There are many inexpensive and simple ways to give bathroom makeovers to your home within the budget.

Changing the Walls

If you want a quick and relatively painless way to redo your bathroom walls, you can easily go with a couple of coats of a new color of paint, or, you can grab a roll of paintable wallpaper. You can also hire Perths budget-friendly bathroom makeovers services for your bathroom.

Changing the Floor

If you've got a vinyl floor that you just can't stand, don't rip it up, and paint it! You'll need a special primer coat to get the vinyl ready for the paint, and a few coats of polyurethane to seal and protect the floor, but you can create an entirely new look to compliment your new walls for a fraction of the price of installing a new floor.

Updating the Curtain and Bath Mat

Instead of paying someone to make a custom shower curtain for you, make it yourself by choosing your own fabric and following the pattern. If you're not up to it, consider purchasing a solid color or pattern from a retail store that will match the new decor. Choose a complimentary bath mat, towels, etc. to round out the look.


Instead of spending a fortune on pre-framed paintings and other artwork and framed decor for the bathroom, purchase a few picture frames in a style you love and remove pictures from magazines or books. Frame the pictures you find to keep them from getting damaged by the water in the bathroom and hang them. No one will ever know you saved all that money unless you tell them!

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