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The Prerequisites to Become a Private Investigator

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before hiring a private investigator:

What qualifications?

What makes them qualified to do the job you ask?

It's not uncommon for someone to open a private investigation agency without any more experience or knowledge than they gained from a television show. Ask the private investigator in Clifton Park NY about their education, professional affiliations, and certifications.


Are they covered for liability and commercial vehicles?

You could also be sued if a private investigator you retained does something that leads to a lawsuit. You could be sued if the private investigator you retain commits a crime, assault, trespass, or battery while working on your case.

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Are there any fees?

The fees of investigators will vary depending on what you need and their experience. It is hard to predict the cost of most investigations so expect to receive an estimate. You don't always have a clear idea of what will be needed to achieve the goals of an investigation. 

Attempt to break down an investigation into phases and to reach an agreement with the client about what the first phase will look like and the cost. It is not uncommon for a retainer to be required. Remember that you get what you pay.


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