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The Most Popular Engagement Ring Cuts

Choosing a wedding ring is not an easy task. The magnitude of the opportunity requires careful thought and consideration. Before making a purchase, you should do some research on the different pieces of engagement rings available in the market. 

The cut of an engagement ring refers not only to the shape of the gemstone placed in it, but also the ability of the stone to reflect light. Below are some of the most popular shapes in fashion today, along with some basic information about each shape to help you stay informed during the important buying process.

Oval:- Oval wedding bands are a modern alternative to the brilliant round vintage fashion. Oval is a relatively new stone shape that offers the same shine as round but in a more elongated design.

Pear:- The pear shape is often referred to as a teardrop because of its single point and rounded tip. It is a brilliant stone that combines the oval and the marquee into one equally striking shape.

Heart:- The heart shaped stone is the perfect engagement ring as its shape is derived from the supreme symbol of love. 

Heart shapes are incredibly complex to make and can only be superbly completed by the most skilled craftsmen. The heart is first shaped like a pear, and then small cracks are cut in the top of the stone to give it the appearance of a heart. Although relatively rare due to the dexterity required to make a brilliant cut, a heart-shaped ring is still a unique and romantic piece of jewelry.

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