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The Importance of Logistics And Supply Chain Management Services in Raleigh

The value of logistics and supply chain management is growing in manufacturing companies as they are sourcing, producing and distributing across the world and hence managing their supply chain is getting very complex. 

However, outsourcing logistics activities such as transportation, warehousing, material handling plant and other value-added services to the best logistics & supply chain management service provider in Raleigh enable companies to obtain customized logistics support while manufacturers focus on core organizational activities to achieve excellence.

The globalization of business and the consequent competitive pressures have placed demands on logistics operations and thus the use of third party logistics services for manufacturing companies has become common practice in the last decade.


The current state of Raleigh's logistics industry has been studied by researchers and they highlighted some of the logistical problems and challenges with the help of secondary information. The logistics issues include, high logistic cost of operation, focus in reducing cycle times to add value to their customers, regulation of service providers, demand for one-stop customized solutions for value-added services (supplier base reduction) and changing government policies on taxation i.e., non-uniform tax structures across the country and other government regulations.

In order to promote the sustained growth of logistics industry researchers have made recommendations for the government to bring all third-party logistics provider/ fourth-party logistics provider under one group and policies and procedures must be simplified..

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