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The Bail Bonds Service In Orange Country Can Help The Accused

Arresting someone can cause great inconvenience to not only the accused but also to their family. To keep the defendant from jail while the trial is taking place, a bail bonds company can be a practical solution. The lowest rates are available online to hire bail bonds in Orange country.

It can be difficult, stressful, and frustrating to go through the legal process of being arrested and waiting for trial. The accused is taken into custody and placed in a temporary holding cell until the time comes for the arraignment.

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An arraignment refers to the formal reading and discussion of a criminal case. This is when the defendant pleads guilty or not guilty. A hearing is usually held if the defendant pleads guilty. If the defendant pleads not guilty, a hearing will follow. He would then be held on a date for a preliminary hearing, trial, or detention.

Paying bail is the only way to avoid jail and stay out of trouble while you wait. This can be costly depending on the severity of the offense. The defendant might choose to use the services of a bail bonds provider to post the bail bond needed to get out of jail.

A premium is paid by the defendant, which usually amounts to about 10% of the bail amount. This allows the defendant to only pay a minimum fee. Bail charges will be refunded as long as they are paid.

Many organizations offer bail bonds in Orange Country. It is important to find one that provides comfort and respect for the defendant in stressful situations.

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