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Learn More About Wheelchair Ramps

Adjusting to life in a wheelchair is problematic for a lot of reasons, and choosing the ideal equipment to optimize your house is one of those headaches that we all know you can do without. There's a lot to consider like reducing tables, bathrooms, and work surfaces, connecting ramps and catching bars, widening doors and walkways.

With the right guidance from a qualified and caring occupational therapist, there is not any need to change your home to work with a wheelchair, and a wide range of products to fit your needs and budget. Among the fundamental changes, you will need to make into your house is to substitute the wheelchair ramp


These can ensure that you can move freely around all elements of your house without needing to move to a bungalow or phase-free residence. Wheelchair ramps are normally made of steel or wood, the former being lightweight and customizable using paint but the latter is stronger and sturdy.

Any more than that, an incline is very likely to be somewhat difficult for people in wheelchairs, particularly non-power helped seats, so they are easily able to maneuver themselves.

The ramp you'll need to put in your home is dependent upon your own personal requirements and circumstances. As the name implies, these are mobile ramps, which may be rotated when required. They are less durable but are more convenient and more economical than permanent ramps.

If the need for your wheelchair ramp is long-lasting, then you may choose to learn more about the choices available for permanent ramps, which are left indoors or outdoors. Many types of modular ramp systems are available which can be custom-built to provide tailor-made access to your residence. With these modular systems, ramp units are folded together and can be forced to go round corners or switchbacks 180 degrees for complete home and backyard coverage.