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Efficient Fleet Management with GPS Tracking System

GPS Tracking and Fleet Management are distinct terms but are closely related. GPS devices can be used to track vehicles and locations, as well as for path and location tracking. Because of its fleet management and advantages, GPS trackers are becoming more popular in cars.

We can see that GPS vehicle tracking devices were first introduced to the military in the past. GPS was eventually made available to the general public and has been used ever since as a vehicle tracking system and fleet managing tool. 

tracking system and fleet management

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There are two main types of GPS vehicle tracking devices. The first is the Real-time or Active GPS system. The second is the passive GPS system. A passive tracker contains information that can be viewed weekly or monthly.

Active GPS displays real-time vehicle data. Each has its own benefits and specifications. Let's now look at some of the features of a good GPS device for vehicle tracking and monitoring.

Real-time Tracking: This is the core feature of all GPS devices. GPS devices combine a tracker with monitoring software. Real-time tracking allows us to monitor your vehicle in real-time. We can also track the vehicle's current location and the vehicle's path.

Location and Path Tracking: This feature allows us to track the location and the route of the car. We can also monitor where the vehicle was at any given time. This feature can be used by drivers to easily reach their destination and determine the best way to get there.

Speed detection: This property allows the admin to check the car's speed. The administrator can set the maximum speed of the car. If it exceeds that speed, an SMS alert is sent to the admin's phone number.