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Requirements Of The Russian Tourist Visa

Every year, millions of consulates around the world issue visas for people who want to enter Russia. The majority of people entering Russia on a tourist visa or visa category B. Visa B is a non-immigrant visa that is most widely used.

Through this visa, foreign nationals can come to Russia for business purposes (B-1) or for pleasure (B-2). Visa is not intended to work or study in Russia. People who want to work or study in Russia must apply for a visa classification in accordance with their particular situation. You can get Russian visa application from

Business Visitors

B-1 visas to foreign nationals who enter Russia to engage in business activities other than productive work. This type of activity is allowed in "business" terms far and wide. While the B-1 visa does not allow a variety of activities, this category is certainly not meant to work in Russia.

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Visitor for Pleasure

B-2 visa or tourist visa available to foreign nationals who wish to enter Russia temporarily for pleasure. It is more simplified in definition rather than visa B-1 in terms of activity is allowed.

Pleasure in the context of the B-2 visa can generally be described as legitimate activities of a recreational character which includes tourism, entertainment, visits with family or friends, rest, medical care, or activities of a fraternal, social, or service nature. documentation required when applying for a visa will be determined by the main purpose of the visit.

When foreign nationals entering Russia on tourist visas, they will receive an I-94 card is the arrival/departure. The card will have a person's legal name, date of birth, and country of citizenship.