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Know About The T-Shirt Printing Options

There are many t-shirt printing options that you can choose from if you're interested in making your own shirt. There are many garment printing options available.

What are you looking to learn? Are you looking to learn how to make your shirt or have t-shirt printing done for someone else? Perhaps for your brother, sister, or best friend.

The first thing you should do is choose a shirt design. The principle is the same regardless of whether it's a tank top, a regular tee, or a t-shirt. 

Contact a company that specializes in garment sublimation printing. You don't need to find one in your local area or state. You can upload the digital file with the image to the printer online and have the final garment sent to you. With sublimation printing, you can even get customized shirts printed. If you want to buy personalized sublimation shirts, then you can browse the web.


While it's possible to print a white T-shirt with any image or design, colored shirts require special printing techniques. Your printer should be able to print screen printing, sublimation, and direct-to-garment (DTG). This will ensure that your printer can handle any job no matter how complex it may be.

You can order one, or as many as your heart desires. Each can have a different design printed. This will cost you more, but there are plenty of t-shirt printing options. This is the basic way to make your shirt: send your image, even with a name or slogan, and choose the garment.

Saving Money on Your Custom T-Shirts

Usually if you have a lot of colors in your design, the setup screen printing costs are usually very high and the printer will opt for digital print your design. Digital printing has no setup costs and allows for unlimited colors on your design, but the cost of each print is much higher than the cost of screen printing.

If you only make a small order (less than 12) shirt, feel free to go wild and have lots of gradients and colors you want on your design, because chances are it will be digitally printed custom t-shirts. To learn more about color, color suggestions check out my guide. You can but custom sublimation t-shirts from various online sources.

Shirt Color Matters too

Screen printing on a dark-colored shirt typically costs more than print on a light-colored shirt. The reason behind this is that for the color of the ink in their full vibrancy in dark clothes, the underlying ink is required.

The underlying ink is stored in, and then the true colors of your design placed upon it. Many screen printers call this process "flash", and it adds a small charge for each print.

In general, print your design on a light-colored shirt cheaper than dark-colored shirt (as a side note, a light-colored shirt is usually cheaper than a dark-colored shirt too).