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Trend Of Studying Abroad In India For New Generation

India – the world's next largest education network, with 343 universities and 17,000 colleges – offers an enormous range of courses constituting the undergraduates, postgraduate, doctorate, skill-based, and Profession levels. 

Distance learning is also an extremely workable option: there are 66 distance education institutions functioning in 60 universities and 11 universities that are open. For better studying just look for the study abroad program in India according to your study requirements. 


The nation is a favorite tourist destination and backpacker destination plus there exist several budget airlines that provide a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the subcontinent with ease. 

Any global student coming to India is assured a warm and friendly welcome by its people. India is similar to some other country on the planet, closer to a continent in terms of size and from the wide range of culture, landscape, and people.

International students can look for university entrance to undergraduate courses in Engineering, Medicine (MBBS), and Dentistry (BDS) in private colleges. The number of NRI / PIO /Foreign students is limited to your quota. The remaining places are filled by Indian students.

The precise number and country-based allocation fluctuate annually. Students applying for these places are required to submit their application through the Indian missions abroad or during the diplomatic missions of the respective nations in India.