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What is the Classification of Pipe Fittings?

Two types of pipe fittings are commonly used in heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems that are rolled and screwed up. The combination of external and internal threads is used for threaded pipe fittings. When this is put together, fasten it to make a connection. 

The great tee pipe fittings have lips or extensions that stand out perpendicular to the surface. These lips are bolted to the front lips of adjacent valves to increase strength. Because of the strength of this bracket, flange fittings are recommended for pipes 4 inches or larger.

Both pipe fittings are used for soft, temporary connections because you might be able to open them if necessary. If the connection is soldered or welded, the connection is considered permanent because the connection is not broken. 

The advantage of these two temporary connections is that they can be easily dismantled for further improvement. Typical pipe fittings can be divided into the following six functions:

Zoom out or zoom in


Update or accession


States or makeup

The direction

Reduce or enlarge fittings: Sleeve and reduction are examples of reducing or adding fittings. Their function in pipe installation is to connect pipes of different sizes. The difference between the sleeve and the damper is different in its construction. The reducer is a clutch device with an internal thread at both ends. The sleeve has external and internal threads at each end.