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How Term Life Insurance Is Beneficial For Smokers

If something happens to you, life insurance can be a great way to protect your loved ones. Your loved ones will be able to access the funds they require if you are no longer here. Your family could be left with thousands of dollars in debt due to final expenses or debts.

The company will consider dozens of factors when deciding the price for your life insurance coverage. You can also get information about the best term life insurance quotes for smokers through various online sites.

Cheap Life Insurance for Smokers

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Term Life Insurance for Smokers – Health Ratings

Smokers will be granted two health ratings when they apply for life insurance. Standard Tobacco and Preferred Tobacco.

Smokers are most often eligible for Standard tobacco rates. You may be eligible for a preferred rate if you are a regular smoker, not obese, and smoke only a few cigarettes per day. 

You will be rated high-risk life insurance if you have any other health issues, such as diabetes. Your pricing will be higher than the standard rates.

Life insurance companies will allow you to test again with a urine sample and prove that you have quit smoking. After a year, you will be allowed to retest. You could also apply for coverage through another carrier if you have quit smoking for 12 months.

It's impossible to predict what tomorrow will bring, so you should not wait to secure the life insurance coverage that your family needs. Get in touch with one of our agents to get the process underway today.