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Joint Custody Child Support And Child Custody For Fathers

While the child custody battles can be an emotional and confusing time for a married couple going through a divorce, the situation can be just as difficult for older people who have never legally married.

Child custody rights for unmarried couples were not as clear as one might think. If you want to know more about the child custody, then you can also visit

While the right may vary depending on the circumstances in which the parents are, each case is unique and there are several factors to consider when determining whether parents will award child support single or joint custody.

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While the main purpose of the court is to put children where they will receive a better education while they are still able to develop a relationship with each parent, in some circumstances this cannot be done. custody battle unmarried unique to the separation.

It is important to know your rights as a mother and father if you take legal proceedings in the family court. The custody of children to fathers is much different for the married father.

Because the father is not automatically considered the biological father under the laws of the state in the absence of DNA testing, a mother must petition for DNA tests in court to prove the father before proceeding with the custody and support processes.

It does not matter if the father had signed the birth certificate or take responsibility for the child, the father must be proven through testing ordered by the court.

It is the responsibility of the mother to prove the father by identifying the biological father of their child before they can exercise their right to recover child support or go after sole custody of a child.