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Sealing Natural Stone and Granite Countertops

When it comes to sealing natural stone there are a lot of misstatements, generalizations, and myth circulating which just adds to the confusing subject of sealing the stone. This article is going to attempt to clarify and put into layman terms facts about sealing the stone. You can buy stone slab counterparts online also.

The Benefits of Engineered Stone Countertops -CounterTop Guides

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Some stone species are porous and will absorb water. These stone types are more susceptible to staining.  By sealing the stone you make it both moisture and stain-resistant. Notice I said stain-resistant and not stain proof. Other stones are very hard and dense and hardly need to be sealed at all. The faster you remove the spill the less likely you will have a problem with staining.

Granite is like wood in the sense that not all granite is the same. To make an analogy for the timber is to say that some stones are porous and less dense as softwood, pine for example, while other stones are comparable with oak. It will be very dense and almost non-porous.

As soon as you hear someone say that the granite will stain and needs constant maintenance you know that this is a generalization and is valid only for a few species.