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Music Marketing – How To Market Your Music Online And Reach Your Audience

To market your music online, first, you need to have your professional product intact. This is covered in many other articles but it constitutes a properly written bio, photos, a website, an album or demo, and art. If any of these puzzle pieces are unprofessional – wait. Other important things you'll need are a blog, a mailing list, referral options, inbound links, social media mastery, search engine optimization, and press. You can also get to know more about online music marketing courses via continuousmusic.

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So what will you be doing in order to market your music online? Get press. How do you go about this? It's easier than you think. You will need to research your genre and sub-genres as well as all the magazines, websites, podcasts and blogs who cater to them. You can find helpful websites with industry lists to find your targets of choice.

Some of these places will allow you to add your links and news releases free of charge. You should take advantage of this. Make sure you are drafting news releases as opposed to press releases. There is a difference and the difference is excessive promotional language.

When you research a new website, make it your goal to connect with someone who shares an interest with you – the love of music. You make the music. They write about it. If you treat them like you're doing them a favor, or you don't care about their interests, you're taking a chance that your email will end up getting ignored. Make a real connection. Start a real conversation, and you can be guaranteed your band will gain valuable allies and fast.