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What Materials to Use with a Hot Stamping Press?

When you’re starting out with hot stamping, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the press and materials used need to be of high quality. 

The more your stamping projects look professional and high-end, the more likely people are to want to buy your work. So, it’s important to invest in a quality hot stamping press and supplies. Here are four materials you should use with a hot stamping press: acrylic, rubber, metal, and vinyl.

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What is a Hot Stamping Press?

A hot stamping press is a machine that uses heat to print text, images, or patterns onto fabrics. You can use a hot stamping press to create customizations for your clothing and accessories, or to add special effects to finished products. 

The process is simple: You place the fabric you want to print on the press bed, choose the design or text you want to apply, and then activate the press. The heat from the press will melt the adhesive on the stamp, which will then print your chosen design onto the fabric.

Safety Precautions

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