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How is Facilitation Related to Training

The facilitator is a professional who is responsible for managing the information exchange process. The role of an expert or moderator is to share information and provide suggestions on the content of the discussion, but the moderator must ensure that the meeting runs smoothly.

Training may have over various content and subject matters, such as personal etiquette, video graphics, VMware training, discipline, time management, etc. You can also learn how is facilitation related to leadership strategies via the internet.

While all these topics will only be covered by subject matter experts, however, a facilitator can be from any background. The person, instead of having subject knowledge, should be proficient in managing the session, discussion, or training. 

A facilitator shall have various qualities and characteristics to be termed as a good facilitator. Let's have a look at some of them:

1) Capable of managing the client relationship

2) Efficient use of time and space

3) Thoroughly prepared

4) Proficient in respecting the group

5) Flexible

6) Skilled in maintaining objectivity

7) Reflector of professionalism, self-confidence, and authenticity

8) Expert in evoking participation and creativity

9) Skilled in reading the underlying dynamics of the group

10) One who shares responsibility

11) Maintains personal integrity

A facilitator should more interactive. He should be more of an asker than a teller. A facilitator should be task-oriented and willing to devote time to building relationships.