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Why You Should Hire A Divorce Attorney As Your Mediator

Divorce lawyers know the law. Mediators that aren't well versed in family law might not be as ready on the legal effects of your divorce proceedings as divorce lawyers. Mediators aren't required to be trained in the law nor are they even required to be certified. If you want to explore regarding the family attorney visit,

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Understandably, you've arrived at mediation to prevent litigation. However, it's unwise and unrealistic to segregate the law against your divorce. Therefore, when selecting a divorce mediator, attempt to find somebody who's not only certified in mediation but is also an experienced divorce lawyer.

While in mediation, if you believe that you're eligible for more child support or alimony, a lawyer with extensive experience with the state child support guidelines or alimony reform, can help both you and your spouse negotiate a reasonable result based on the law. 

Though a mediator isn't giving you legal advice per se, they may use the law as a guiding light in the negotiation procedure. In a litigated divorce, the divorce lawyers are generally one-sided; a divorce lawyer who's also a certified mediator will have the very same tools you would like in a situation, with the additional benefit of someone knowledgeable about the law. 

This would be especially valuable for those with complex asset division difficulties. The legislation treats assets differently based upon if those assets were obtained (ie pre-marriage, during the marriage and post-separation) and if separated, may have particularly complicated tax consequences.