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Laying the Foundation With Primary Care Services

You can't build a house without laying the right foundation. The same is true for the health system. Family doctors are on the front line of protection for almost any injury or illness that occurs. You are responsible for diagnosing and/or treating a wide range of ailments, from the common cold to mental health problems.

General practitioners are college graduates who have completed four years of medical studies followed by at least one year of rigorous postgraduate training as an intern in a hospital. He or she may then open a practice that specializes in areas such as family practice, general medicine, or pediatrics.

These are the people who decide when we should see a specialist and refer us to the most qualified people to help us regain our health. Family doctors play an important role in the health and well-being of our country. You are laying the groundwork for a healthier, wealthier, stronger, and happier.

Having a gynecologist can take care of your needs in addition to the annual smears and exams. If you have asthma or are on regular dialysis, an allergist or kidney specialist can provide the basic medical care you need.

Ambulances can be your primary healthcare provider when needed, especially if you regularly visit the emergency room with an acute problem or if you live in a small town and have limited access to healthcare professionals.