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Things to Consider When Looking for a Direct Primary Care Provider in Charlotte

There are several variations for the direct primary care model, and each member can include different features. Because of this variation, it might be difficult to know exactly what to look for. Below are the benefits that must be sought by employers in direct primary care physicians to ensure the quality of membership:

Factor 1: Availability

The benefits of paying doctors directly include their ability to provide care for unconventional hours. When looking for direct primary care providers, ensure doctors are available for symptoms that appear after working hours. This can be text, telephone calls, or videos. 

Fact 2: Affordability

The main distinguishing for DPC, compared to other health plans, is affordability. Prices in membership have been determined previously, freeing patients from unexpected financial burdens and bills. Be careful not to misinterpret the DPC plan for a concierge plan that can provide similar benefits but tend to be higher in price. 

Factor 3: Mobility

Electronic health records contain historical health information about patients. In the traditional DPC model, this EHR system does not speak to each other, permeating a health care system. Cellular Electronic Medical Records (EMR) can increase the accuracy and efficiency if patients need recipe rechargeable, prescribed new drugs, or need the Labs reviewed.  Consider a DPC plan that provides multiple locations in the event of travel or relocation.