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Digital Nomad Tools That Simplify Your Life Immediately

Many digital nomads do try to live a minimalist life. Because they often bring everything they have, they want to reduce their ownership and only bring naked needs. Some even try to limit their virtual dependence and want to free themselves from unnecessary luggage. 

However, there are certain devices and applications, and programs that are very useful and absolutely must be owned for every long-term traveler location. Take a look at the most important digital nomad work tools that you must have to succeed with the lifestyle and to simplify your life.

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Digital nomad tools

The following list will show you the combination of applications and devices that you found is very necessary for your lifestyle.


Simply clear, you need the right luggage to bring all your belongings. If you want to find a great digital nomad backpack (and a combination of backpacks and suitcases), you can check online websites.


It doesn't matter if you want to stay in touch with your family, listen to music or make an important client call: One of the most important digital nomad tools is headphones.

Global hotspot

Being a digital nomad you must have reliable internet most of the time. Unfortunately, you will find yourself in places with terrible WIFI or nothing. The solution is a global hotspot. You can always carry this small device with you in an emergency situation when you really want the internet and can't find a local connection.