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The Ins and Outs of Manufacturing Cleaning

Homes are not the only ones needing cleaning services. Commercial establishments and offices often engage a cleaning company for their facility and support needs. Some companies, however, specialize in manufacturing cleaning, and their clients (Chris Casacci) include original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and companies in the military, medical, transportation and food processing industries.

Manufacturing cleaning services vary from one industry to another. Some are fairly general in nature, such as janitorial services, pest control and grounds maintenance. Most industrial clients, however, will contract a company that can handle the specific needs for them.

For instance, medical buildings, medical laboratories, healthcare facilities, and doctors' offices need not just cleaning but sanitation as well. This includes disinfection of work surfaces, equipment and proper disposal of medical waste. In fact, the medical industry has standards against which the quality of a cleaning service is measured and assessed.

Food processing companies are constantly being assessed for compliance with food safety regulations. By implementing cleaning programs customized for the client, a company hired to clean can help ensure that industry standards are followed. Some examples of services used in the food industry are hydroblasting (high pressure cleaning for food processing equipment), CO2 cleaning (for removing organic contaminants) and mold remediation (assessment, clean-up and removal of mold).