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The GMC MultiPro Tailgate

GMC is also known as the MultiPro tailgate. Especially for the GMC Sierra truck, the MultiPro tailgate is like two rear doors into one. 

First, it functions like a traditional hinged tailgate that folds outward. You can also look for the best GMC multipro tailgate via

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Second, a smaller swing gate is installed in the main gate panel. The two-panel raising and lowering offer a different configuration that can be used as an entry ladder or a bed extension.

In terms of functionality and convenience, the MultiPro tailgate is strong and durable and will help you get through the tough work that needs to be done. 

The main tailgate opens like a traditional tailgate and there are three ways to open it. First, you can press a button to open the actual trunk tailgate. Second, you can press the release button on the rear dashboard door in the cab. 

Third, you can open the tailgate by pressing the button to open the key ring. Regardless of the method chosen, the MultiPro tailgate opens easily and smoothly.

If you need to pull an item that is too long to fit in the back of the truck, you can remove the inner panel and fold it upwards. This expands the truck loading area and prevents the load from slipping. 

When the main gate opens, lowering the inner gate allows you to stand 7 to 9 inches closer to the back of the truck so you can easily reach back to get what you need.

The MultiPro tailgate can also serve as a work area. Simply lowering the rear inner door gives you access to the work surface at a comfortable height.