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All About Martial Art

Martial art is a combination of self-defense and combative skills, practiced similar to a sport. There are numerous different styles around the world, each with its own methods and techniques. 

Though it would be easy to write an entire encyclopedia covering each individual style. We'll briefly examine two of the most popular styles: Taekwondo and mixed martial arts (MMA). you can also explore more about complete martial arts training through the internet.

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Simply translated, Taekwondo means "the way of the hand and foot." The meaning is very appropriate as all of the techniques involve the hands and feet. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art practiced worldwide, and since 2000, has been a full medal Olympic sport. A typical Taekwondo student learns a variety of different kicks, punches, strikes, and blocks. 

While mixed martial arts caters more towards younger men looking to bloody someone up, Taekwondo is widely practiced by both men and women of every age. Anyone interested in martial arts training should research the different schools in their area and try a few classes before deciding which style is best suited for them. Be wary of schools that require you to sign contracts, as they can lock you into monthly payments, even if you decide that you want to stop training. 

Also, use discretion with schools that promise that, for a certain dollar amount, they will "guarantee" reaching your black belt. Many times, these schools will just promote students for the sake of making money instead of actually awarding rank based on merit.

Always remember to get the most out of training. Think of it as an investment in yourself.