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Establishing Good Sleep Patterns in Children

Sleep experts emphasize that while adults have no control over biology, we can help by helping children and teens identify good sleep patterns. It has been found that children who develop good sleep behaviors have a tendency to carry this into adolescence. You can pop over to the Baby Sleep Training App or Download Now via Baby Sleep Magic to contact baby sleep experts to make your baby sleep better.

If you are a parent of young children struggling to get them to sleep, or if you are struggling with children wanting to stay awake longer, some knowledge of good sleep habits can help.

Good sleep habits are:

1. Regular bedtime. Kids can struggle with this, but stay organized and let the kids stay up a little later on the weekends.

2. Rest up to 45 minutes before bed. These include eliminating television and other incentives, reassuring children, and limiting food (and caffeine) intake for teens.

3. Bedtime like in a fairy tale, brushing your teeth, which psychologically signifies that it's time to sleep.

4. Create a bedroom, not watching TV. Large bedrooms seem to be recommended.

5. Maximize 3 sleep signals: darkness (bedroom, like a cave), lowering your body temperature (showering can be useful for this) and melatonin (playing a role in your cycle).

Sleep seems to be one thing we can all grow up on. We take it for granted and often see the poor sleeping through the lens of behavior. Better knowledge of sleep biology and sleep patterns will help children and teens sleep well.