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How Does The ASVAB Work?

The ASVAB test is also used on millions of middle and high school students, making it one of the most widely used tests in the world. The ASVAB tests recruits in ten different areas. It is presented in the form of ten short tests that are administered over three hours. 

Traditionally, ASVAB is "distributed" testing, meaning that monitoring is required to maintain the integrity of the test via Changes in military recruitment and technology in general have helped the ASVAB become a 21st century tool.

Ten test areas

Personnel requirements may change and the ASVAB may evolve over time. Traditionally, tests measure skills in the following areas:

1. General science

2. Arithmetic reasoning

3. Word knowledge

4. Understand a paragraph

5. Numeric operation

6. Coding speed

7. Information about cars and shops

8. Math knowledge

9. Mechanical understanding

10. Information about electronics

The ASVAB is not designed to pass/fail exams, but each branch of the military has its own assessment requirements. A single result is not required as standards may vary by military branch.

ASVAB results have been used to determine a students suitability for various career fields. Recruitment trends change over time based on needs, military changes, laws, and other factors; interpretation of ASVAB rookie results may be affected by these matters.