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What Is A Modern Tent Made Up Of?

Modern army tents are very different from the tents of the past, offering protection in a variety of climatic conditions that were previously impossible. With this advancement in technology, the army tents were equipped with various extras that distinguished them from those of our grandparents.

These additions include a brochure, inner tent, vestibule, and tablecloth, as well as an upgraded version of the awning army tent pole and faucet.

army tent

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Tent brochures are also known as rain flies and are found on all modern double skinned tents. This serves to protect the actual tent from water and as a surface where condensation can build up.

When using the package insert, make sure that it is not in contact with the inner tent. The larger expedition tents used in areas such as the poles in the Himalayas ensure that the strong winds do not make the two distinct layers touch.

Inner tent

The inner tent forms the living room and bedroom of each modern tent. In double skin tents, the interior is usually not watertight as it is protected by a flash film.

Please note! Modern single-skinned tents are often made of a material that is waterproof on the one hand and penetrable on the other. This allows the cloth to prevent liquid from entering the tent while moisture generated from breathing is drawn through the cloth.