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Normal Delivery Is Far Better Than Cesarean

Cesarean delivery becomes an option when mothers are afraid of having to deliver their babies normally. Furthermore, by doing cesarean delivery, they can choose a "beautiful" time to deliver their baby. However, it is better for you to deliver your baby normally. There is a special "bonus" for your baby.

When you deliver your baby normally, there is a certain bacterium that is swallowed by your baby. This bacterium will build the immune toward the body of your baby for his growing. This bacterium is called Lactobacillus. You can get more information about expected delivery online.

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This can be found in the birth path or the way out for your baby when you deliver him. This bacterium will be swallowed by the baby when he is pushed outside during the process of the delivery.

However, this type of bacterium will not be swallowed by the baby who is delivered by Cesarean delivery. Thus, the baby who is delivered normally might have a higher immune than that who is delivered by Caesarean surgery.

This is the benefit that your baby can get when you decide to deliver him normally. Later, the swallowed bacterium will become the microbe.

Then this microbe will be absorbed and will multiply in the colon. Later, this bacterium plays an important role in killing the bad bacterium that grows in the colon of the baby.

Moreover, Lactobacillus will prevent diarrhea and the bad bacteria that will enter the body of your baby. As a result, your baby will grow healthy. Generally, the baby who consumes formula milk and gets the diarrhea is caused by the lack of the microbe in his colon.