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Amazon Flex Driver Requirements And Signup Process

The best thing about Amazon Flex is that you do not have the stringent automotive requirements as Lyft and Uber drivers must comply. Amazon does not care what your car looks like. It just needs to be able to get packets from point A to point B. Before going to the process, first, you have to download the app through the amazon flex application iPhone link.

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Driver Requirements:

  • A valid driving license which shows that you are 21 or older.

  • Social security number

  • Modern smartphone

  • Proof of auto insurance

  • A midsize sedan

Amazon Flex Registration Process

Now that we've covered the requirements of the driver, we will go to the registration process. Follow these steps:

  • The first step to becoming a driver for Amazon Flex is at the head of their 'Getting Started' page and select your location.

  • Select the cell phone you have.

  • Download Amazon Flex application by visiting the link provided.

  • When you follow this link, you must log in (or create a new account) to your Amazon account.

  • Accept the partner delivery contract.

  • Once you accept the terms and conditions you will be redirected to a page to download the application. Since the application is not downloaded from the regular application store, you must go to your settings and enable the application.

  • Once the application is running, log in to your Amazon account again.

  • Choose your region and accept a set of terms.

  • Enter your basic information, including your name, address and cell phone number.

  • Enter your vehicle information.

  • Enter your insurance information.

  • Enter your tax information.

  • Enter account information where the payment will be deposit.

  • Check your license.

Now you are ready! All the best!!!