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Some Digital Trends You Should Know In 2022

There are a lot of predictions at the beginning of the year about how the release of new products would go and there is a lot of analysis on marketing trends. These are some digital trends that all digital marketers should know about in 2022 considering these seem to continue for the rest of 2022.

1. Search and e-commerce on Social media like facebook:

How exciting can it get?! Facebook is researching to have their own search engine and people can actually search on social media and buy products on it on the messenger app of Facebook. At the same time, companies can interact with clients/customers through the Facebook messenger app! Everything can be done on one site with no hassle.

2. Invest on healthy living and wearable technology:

Digital tools, technologies are being used to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Take advantage of this trend and invest in a product which helps people to merge the two and take advantage of it. On the similar lines – Apple has created an app called HealthKit where users can now set goals and track their progress through a single dashboard. You can also buy apple healthkit by browsing to online sites.

Image source:-Google

3. Let your customers be the Brand Ambassadors:

Use the customer generated content to promote your products. More often than not, people believe their peers who have experienced your product already and take their word to either buy it or not! So use the reviews of customers to your advantage and help people get one notch closer to your product so that it increases the sale. Use Instagram, YouTube, pinterest, Meerkat, Periscope for the purpose.

4. Connect to extremely engaged audiences through live video streaming:

As said above, videos leave a great impact on people. Now, imagine engaging them into the experience by live video streaming of your content like teasers, behind the scene, Live Q & A and so on. This paves way for interacting with consumers, grabbing their attention for more than a second.

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